As you may have heard, we have recently grown to 2 locations! We now have Sandy and South Salt Lake open and ready for you and your dogs!

Both locations are set up the same way and owned by the same people. Arnie’s brand is in full swing for both locations: Consultations with the actual stylist, separate grooming rooms for each dog, all-inclusive services, Arnie’s loyalty club.

It’s all Arnie’s whichever location you visit.

Arnie’s Salt Lake

Opened in November 2023, Arnie’s Salt Lake is our first step towards world domination (well maybe not the world…but you get what we mean).

Arnie’s Salt Lake is managed by Rae Sapsford, an experienced, passionate Dog Groomer who is a dedicated member of the Arnie’s team. Perfect grooms and customer service are two of her biggest strengths and we couldn’t be happier to have her leading the team of our newest spa.

We’ve recruited some excellent groomers for your dog, and all are passionate about the Arnie’s brand and what we’re trying to build.

You can find Arnie’s Salt Lake at: Arnie’s Dog Spa, 3798 S 700 East, south Salt Lake, UT 84106

Arnie’s Sandy

The OG Arnie’s! The one that started it all. Opening right in the middle of “Rona season”, Arnie’s Sandy defied all the odds and became very successful in a short amount of time. That success led us to expanding to the store next door so we could become double the Spa. Arnie’s Sandy is the epitome of hard work, and we couldn’t be happier with how it’s progressed. 

Arnie’s Sandy is managed by Lisa Lewis, an award-winning show groomer who has decades of experience and knowledge. Arnie’s is all about breed standard haircuts and that is what Lisa is a driving force for at Sandy. 

You can find Arnie’s Sandy at: Arnie’s Dog Spa, 53-55 West 10600 South, Sandy, UT 84070

How to Find Us

Arnie’s Salt Lake

Arnie’s Sandy