We’re not just another dog groomers

When your dog checks in to Arnie’s, they will be receiving a one-on-one grooming session in a calm and relaxing environment, using only the best products in the industry and carried out by one of our loving grooming superstars.

Your dog’s experience will include everything that they could ever want or need. Bathed in the shampoo and conditioner that is right for their coat condition, styled in any style you desire and including all the finishing touches such as nail filing, teeth brushing and spa treatments.

We like to think a little differently, meaning separate rooms and quality over quantity. Your dog is coming to us purely for a luxurious grooming experience with no kenneling or wait times. We book out extremely fast and pride ourselves on achieving Pawfect grooms that you are guaranteed to love.

It’s all in the details

Each of our services includes a consultation beforehand with your dog’s stylist so you can tell us exactly what you want with no miscommunication.

Our award-winning groomers are all educated in the latest, fashionable styles and can achieve the most spectacular grooms. From Asian Fusion to Hand Stripping, our stylists can handle it all.

Even if you want to experiment with a dash of color, please just ask us, we’ll be happy to oblige.

The team at Arnie’s

When Gurj and Nate were building their team, they made sure that they only hired stylists that represented Arnie’s in the right way.

Kindness, patience and experience with all breeds and sizes, you can rest assured that any member of Arnie’s is the perfect match for your dog.

When you leave your beloved dog with us, you’re leaving them with a friend as well as a professional.

All breeds/all sizes and we mean it

You won’t find any breed or weight restrictions at Arnie’s; we truly believe that every dog deserves the Pawfect Groom.

We will gladly work with any willing owner to make sure that even the most difficult dog can get the very best experience. If your dog has some behavioral issues, it’s not a simple no from us, it’s a conversation.

We’re sure we can make something work but you just have to be honest with us.

The dog behind the name

Arnie was Gurj and Nate’s German Shepherd that shaped their lives in more ways than you could ever imagine. Named after a certain 80’s action star who made his very own American dream a reality, Arnie was kind, loving and was truly man’s best friend.

He was a perfect ambassador to his breed. Sadly, like all our companions, Arnie’s story doesn’t have a happy ending and he passed away from stomach cancer when he was nine.

Naming the shop after him is the very least Gurj and Nate could do to honor him. Love you always and forever, Arnie.


Founded by British couple, Gurj and Nate Drake, Arnie’s is their American Dream epitomized. Selling their home on the south coast of England, they went for broke and established Arnie’s in 2020 and it’s been more successful than they could have ever dreamed. With their passion for Dogs, their love for America and a pinch of British traditions, Gurj and Nate have guided Arnie’s to become a staple of the Salt Lake Valley community, accumulating in being a Best of SLC finalist.

“We didn’t sell up and move 5,000 miles to be just another dog groomers. Both Nate and I are passionate about being the very best and I truly believe that we will be. We’re getting there and I know that if we stick to our goal, premium quality grooms with excellent customer service, we will make Arnie’s become synonymous with the term luxurious dog grooming”

– Gurj Drake, Owner